Oct. 13, 2012

Among all the stars along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles is Keanu Reeves’ star. Oct. 2012

Rachel is in the L.A. circus scene. She goes to “circ school” and is an aerial performer. I’m hanging out here at Catherine’s house in Hollywood with Rachel and Catherine, the voice-over queen. Cat told me that 95% of the people in the SAG union (screen actors’ guild) don’t make a living from their work.

The make-up union is, like, $7,000 to join. SAG’s annual dues are a percentage of your income, and that union costs about $2500 to join.


Oct. 13, Saturday

I wake up early in Hollywood. Cat’s asleep.I have my headlamp on to see the computer screen.

Today I go to Barbara’s in Inglewood; she’s another Couchsurfer, my age. (Cat was 40.)  Will catch an early bus (Metro 212 on Hollywood Blvd.) and just hang around, waiting for Barb and scoping out Inglewood (which Cat says has gangs and is ugly). With a book and Queenie, the divine PC, I can happily hang anywhere for hours.

Decided I don’t have the bus money to go to Naples. It’s about $30 from Miami to Naples and the same returning to Miami. I have about $150 til the end of the month, plus on one of my Spirit Airlines flights I have to pay a $30 carry-on luggage fee! If it’s on the flight to Miami on the 16th I have to save that now.  So, I have enough for the month if I don’t go to Naples. Too bad though because I would like to have seen my nephew David and his family and my brother Hill and his wife, Patti.


Took Metro bus#212 from outside the Chinese Theater (where all the handprints of stars are in the cement) on Hollywood Blvd. over here to Inglewood. Cost: $.25 for seniors on weekends. Took about 1/2 hour, mostly along La Brea.

One homeless-lookin’ woman piled a big old black plastic trash bag of stuff by the front door when she got on the bus. The driver told her to move her stuff on back into the bus and the woman wouldn’t. She got really mad at the driver and started ripping up the driver’s stuff and put her hands on the young woman driver. Some men from the back of the bus calmed down the angry woman and got her off the bus; then, we applauded and one of the helpful men began talking loud about god.

Homeless/poor people get on the bus for free, I guess. I heard this from Cat and from what I observed today, it’s true. Nice.


I got to Starbucks about 10 am and hung out, drinking coffee and eating pumpkin bread for a while. Got directions to the local Walmart (on Crenshaw Blvd.). Took two buses and walked almost a mile to get there. Traffic (including buses) is all detoured today because the Endeavor space shuttle is in town, and everyone I talked to wants to go see it.

I got nice Frog-something brand headphones for about $10; I have them on now back here at Starbucks in Inglewood. I’m drinking a coffee-free vanilla bean frappacino, and listening to WWOZ radio in New Orleans, live at the Crescent City Blues and Barbeque Fest in Lafayette Square. It’s 2:00.


What appeals to me about a place is the visual effect on me, the auditory appeal, the smells, and how it effects me emotionally (and, I suppose, psychically). I don’t give a rats ass about how a place makes sense to me, the logic of living there, the economic benefits to me, etc.


Here (below) is my Darling Boy, Sam, with a nice garter snake he caught back behind the natural food store around the community garden in Nederland, Colorado a few years ago. I took this picture. Boy, did he ever used to love snakes! I wonder if he still does.

I haven’t seen Sam since right before I left Nederland at the end of April, this year. I sure do miss him.

Sam, 2010


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