Oct. 19, 2012

On the pavement at the Midway4 Mall in Miami. Oct. 2012

Warm, warm rain and thunder here in Miami. I’m at Angelina’s, a nice little cafe with free wifi, near the Mall and near my next CS host’s here (also near downtown). I had a double-espresso, a shot of wheatgrass juice.


Brickell, The Wonder Dog of Miami. Oct. 2012

My theme in this piece — and in my life — is trust. So I am having lots of pics of dogs from now on.

This dog, Brickell, was rescued after he fell from a Miami drawbridge into the river. Jim, my  CS host, adopted her.

Dog Falls Off Brickell Drawbridge Saved By David Bernstein, Good Samaritan (VIDEO)

Posted: 07/19/2012 10:37 am Updated: 07/19/2012 2:47 pm

Dog Brickell Bridge

Can our city — which is known for its vanity, crime, and deadly driving — redeem its reputation by Miamians’ commitment to rescuing animals in distress?

David Bernstein was stopped on the Brickell Bridge Tuesday night when he saw a terrier-mix dog jaunt towards the opening drawbridge, as first reported by CBS Miami.

Bernstein reportedly got out of his car, tried to get the bridge operator’s attention to stop the bridge from opening, and finally pursued the puppy himself.

But he was too late, missing the animal by a foot, and the clamoring dog fell 5 stories down through the widening gap.

“Poor girl, she was trying to hang on to the grated surface here…and she just slid through the crack,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein told CBS he looked for the dog under the bridge for an hour. The next day, he returned and spoke with a bridge operator who said the pup may have fallen in one the “tunnels” built under the bridge.

There they found the dog, covered in mud and oil, where it had been stranded for the last 12 hours. Bernstein took it to a local animal hospital, where a vet checked out in perfect health despite the long fall.

NBC 6 reports that the tunnels had not been drained recently, so collected water softened the dog’s fall.

The lucky dog, who was sporting a pink sweater, is clearly not a stray. Bernstein hopes to reunite it with its owner.

–What ended up happening was that no owner showed up, and my CS host, Jim, adopted Brickell, about two months ago. Brickell and Smokey, a four-year-old cocker spaniel are a tight pair. With Jim, they make up a family.

Brickell, Jim, and Smokey. Oct. 2012


I am here at Angelina’s, listening to WWOZ New Orleans live radio, on my headphones. They are talking with Dave Ferrato, local musician (band: Tchoupazine), about the gris-gris (magic, voodoo) in the Magazine St. and Tchoupitoulas area (the “Tchoupazine“).

Tchoupitoulas Street

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Tipitina’s at the corner of Tchoupitoulas and Napoleon

Tchoupitoulas Street /ˌtʃɑːpɨˈtuːlɨs/ ( listen) is a street in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. It is the through street closest to the Mississippi River running through Uptown New Orleans. Formerly, the street was heavily devoted to river shipping commerce, but as shipping became less of a need in the later 20th century, more of the street became devoted to residential and other commercial uses.


The structure is what counts. The structure of life, of writing, of making films. I heard this last night when I was watching the documentary that accompanies Young Frankenstein (have seen this movie 3 times my life). Mel Brooks told co-writer Gene Wilder (who wrote the original script) to “shake the pillars” of the script and take out whatever shakes loose and keep whatever stays solid.

I love Couchsurfing. I love meeting people this way. I don’t meet them in public (usually); I am welcomed right into their houses. It’s amazing. It’s magical. In addition, where would I stay if I didn’t have these usually lovely people’s houses? I’d have to camp out or something. Sleep in alleyways (yeah, right).?

But really, I love meeting people, I love meeting Couchsurfers. It’s such an easy, wonderful, intense and thoroughly intimate way to meet people — I am suddenly part of their lives, living with them! Where and when else does this happen? Nowhere in my life.

There are very few more exciting experiences in my life than the combination of Couchsurfing-plus-Traveling. Well, there are NO more exciting experiences. Yeah.

This is the top for me: the whole enchilada. The reasons are 1.) While Couchsurfing, I meet wonderful people in their own homes (where they are most likely to be themselves), 2.) After a few days, I move on, continuing to travel and have more adventures in other places with other people.

The key is to continue to TRUST. Trust the universe, trust other Sentient Beings, trust yourself, trust life.

When I shake the pillars of the successful, positive, social experiment that is Couchsurfing.org, trust is one part of the structure that remains solid. What falls loose and must be discarded is fear.

My son and daughter-in-law’s (Seth and Noelle’s) very trusting dogs, Happy and Kirra. Oct. 2012


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