Jan. 22, 2013

Got into Caracas at about 5 thirty am on night bus from Cumana. I took the cheap bus -it was the only ticket I could get yesterday- the one with no bathroom. It was fine.

Walking around downtown Caracas today after meeting Juan Carlos, my CS host, I got bad leg cramps. Had to stop walking and sit down. From the Ayahuasca? From not eating for 15 hours? Anyway, it´s better now.

Houses made of adobe. Bolivar is still a hero here. No music pumping out of the city buses here, but we had peaceful, romantic music all night on the bus.

At least 50% of the people on the streets of downtown Caracas are wearing jeans. Che Guevara posters here and there.

I remember I saw a bear appear during my Ayahuasca journey. One of my spirit guides is a bear.

Saw a few skateboarders on the street here in Caracas. The first ones I´ve seen on this whole trip so far.

Very few people speak ANY English here in Venezuela. They say Mi Amor to each other a lot. Very sweet.

“You can´t spiritualize the material, but you can materialize the spirit.”  I read this somewhere.

Almost no one in Western culture mentions the spirit world. Not like the Native Peoples of the world talk about it. I had to read about it and ask people about it directly to find out anything. That is how I got an understanding of my mystical experiences.

Jean Luis said, “It´s all ONE. We´re all ONE.” Susy believes in one love, the one, eternal soulmate. She said Yage told her Jean Luis is hers.


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