March 7, 2013

March 5

I’m really learning how to not offend people needlessly. “Comfort the disturbed, disturb the comfortable.” Still a good motto. I’m talking about not offending people who are not so comfortable, not so undisturbed.

When in a town, on the road, I just hang out. I don’t do anything remarkable. I could be “home,” except I get bored in the same place. After about two weeks in a place, I’m bored stiff.

I could easily hang out all over the US (and Canada and Mexico) for a year. Such a big country (they all are, especially Canada). No need to drive myself mad with constant long-distance travel overseas. This trouble lately with SSI has scared me. I’m not supposed to be gone for over two weeks, or, at the longest, a month. Or I lose my SSI for a month. What if I lost it forever? I’d be fuckin’ screwed!

Anyway, after meeting My Special Angel in Tapachula, even though he’s about half-a-century younger than me, I feel real, real good. I’ve seen something good, something that feels just right to me.


I guess I am a Technomad. That’s someone who travels around, rather homelessly, and works online (so they need no fixed home-base). I absolutely have to have a computer to get couches. So, I’m a Tech-nomad.

I spend most of everyday off and on the computer. And now I have an iPod, so I’ll be spending lots of time on that. I like it; it’s fun.

My heels are so sore after wearing flip-flops for a few weeks that I can’t put any pressure on them when I walk. And my heels and one toe are all cut up from my new sneakers (tennis shoes). My feet are a mess. They are saying, “Stop Walking!” Time to come in off the long-distance travellers’ road for awhile and just do short trips.

Today, I am flying to San Antonio, Texas. I had to have an “onward ticket” after Jamaica gave me a hard time. (The ticket cost $118.) No other country on this trip asked for an onward ticket (to show I would be returning to my “country of origin”). But now I am going to San Antonio, just because of a few Jamaican immigration officers. Must be something there for me to see.


I am left-brained. My logical (not creative: that’s right-brain), left-brain dominance makes me want to avoid emotionally sticky situations. This explains a lot. Aspies are all left-brainiacs. We are not “wrong”; we are different than right-brainers. Righties get lots of strokes for being (seemingly) sweet, soft, sentimental, caring, etc. ad nauseum; while we lefties get bapped for (supposedly) being cold, unemotional, rude, and not responsive to others. It’s just a bunch of hogwash based on how people are SUPPOSED to be. Women especially are expected in many societies.

I posted this on Facebook today after a fun hour (coffee and muffins) at a sidewalk cafe near Bronson and Ahmed’s beautiful apartment here in Colonia Condesa:

I love the US TV show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” and yet I am very comfortable staying in upscale towns. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, I am about a 6 naco (or hillbilly/redneck in English) and a 4 fresa (or snob/preppy/strawberry-eater). Ha ha.

Jean told me about the terms “naco” and fresa”. Fun!


March 7

I just watched the old movie “Schindler’s List” again with Frank, my CS host. I, too, could have done so much more to help people in my life.  Now, I live outdoors, camping, part of the year. It’s a way to get me closer to the wisdom of nature; it is a simple, humble way to live; I use fewer natural resources by doing that.

I have given up my home/any home, and I travel around, visiting people, trying to learn from and share with them (companionship, time, positive energy, ideas, hope, etc.).

I could give a lot more to people who are begging for money. I saw so many of these people on this last trip. I tried to give something to them all; I couldn’t always give to everyone, and I never gave anyone enough.


March 9

Life is slowing down. Bus to L.A. tomorrow.


March 11

Back in Los Angeles by about 9 am. Bus trip OK. I avoided long lay-over at Greyhound in L.A., and instead spent 3 hour layover at Union Station (much nicer) waiting for Metrolink train ($5) to Moorpark where CSer, James Hurley will meet me.

What I ate during 26 hours on Greyhound: 4 apples, peanuts, Fritos, a big chocolate bar. Watched movie “Django Unchained” and a few episodes of “Jeeves and Wooster” (all copied onto my computer by Chris McConkey). I also listened to a lot of the music that Chris copied onto my iPod (most of which I hate).


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