Aug. 4, 2013

Aug. 1

Life doesn’t end here. It never ends.

To want someone to want/love you is silly. If that person is your True Love, he will love you and want you. It goes with the territory.  That’s what being The Two Who Are ONE is about: the constant, eternal longing for each other. If he is not your True Love, it’s absurd to try to make him want/love you. It’s just a big waste of time and energy. And for what?

For so long, I have identified myself by the reflection in my True Love’s eyes when I see him in my night-dreams and in visions. Now it’s time to get another view of myself: who am I in the world?


Aug. 2

You can’t MAKE someone be your One Love. They either are or they are not. And there is only ONE for everyone.

This is the person who completes you, makes you blissfully happy, and takes you to (a place we call) heaven. I have felt this joy and it’s incomparable. There’s nothing like it in the world. It’s the ultimate.

You can’t LOSE this kind of love. It just is. It’s yours–yours and your Soulmate’s. The Two Who Are One.

I may have found mine, but I will never “claim” him. I will let it go. Let him go. Let both of us be ourselves and be free to do whatever we want. We ARE together. It is our past, our present and our destiny throughout all eternity: to be together. It is pure Love. It is the best thing that could ever be.

There is nothing to DO. Nothing to PROVE. Nothing to say/be/etc. It is the one thing that just IS. And is ineradicable and eternal.

The man who I think is mine may not be mine. So keep it very loose. No holding on. No controls. No possessiveness. No jealousy. And, above all, NO FEAR. It’s a great ride. Have fun!!

We’ll laugh about this when it’s all over, and we’re just contentedly, permanently back together in all ways (no separations at all [the physical separation now is a test of some kind, a lesson…]). Then peace will reign in the land because all will be bliss.

My bliss is Him and Me, locked eternally in the tantric embrace (me sitting in his lap with his dick in me). (~~Hindu texts and other ancient and esoteric sources refer to this Soulmate bond; new sources like Deepak Chopra’s book SOULMATES also make reference to it. The concept of eternal Soulmates/Lovers can be seen everywhere in this material world; people see it when they are ready.)


My Facebook posts today:

True Love is about starting over every day, every week, every time you see each other again, as if you have never met before. It’s like in that movie, 50 FIRST DATES (with Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore). A great, all-consuming love (the true Heaven) is reborn over and over again throughout all eternity.
The Soulmate bond has no beginning and no end; it always was and always will be.
The way to know if someone is your ONE LOVE, your eternal Soulmate (and there is ONLY ONE), is to see if your Love bond with them is reborn constantly and without losing any depth and intensity (indeed, if it’s real it will continuously, eternally GROW in positive ways).


The Two-Who-Are-One, the Divine Marriage, is real and can be found not only in the spiritual world, but also (when people are more evolved) in the physical world.
The Keys to ONE LOVE are: 1.) no fear, 2.) letting go, not holding on, and 3.) always moving toward your own individual happiness: doing what you want and being true to yourself.
Aug. 3
Had fun meeting Becky and James at Matt’s house here in Anchorage.
I feel my Soulmate close to me when I am at my happiest and most contented. That energy draws him; that’s how he recognizes me: by my happiness! Wow. So awesome.
Then, of course, when my Soulmate is with me (when I can FEEL him close to me), I feel better than at any other time. I can’t even describe in words how good it feels. That’s what led me to him, too: the wonderful feeling of our togetherness- in-spirit. It’s better than anything else. Just amazing!
Growing toward this feeling keeps me on the straight and narrow. Wanting to be with him in every way (physical and spiritual) makes me want to only be good in this life and get no more negative karma. No fear; just learn to love and live together.
“I fell in love with your body and soul.” (song: It’s Your Voodoo Workin’)
When I am with others, walking somewhere for example, I can not focus exclusively on my own thoughts (as I can when I’m alone). As a result, I not only don’t think my own thoughts, but I miss everything around me (the environment, landscape, etc.). It’s a lot of work to BE with someone. I think it’s something I want to learn how to do better.
What I wrote on Facebook today:
Dream. Believe in miracles and impossible causes. Know that you can find True Love. Understand that happiness is your birthright. Love totally and completely. Expect wonderful things to come to you.


Have no fear.

I can see paths where there are no paths.

I believe. I am a true believer. I believe that some people are healers; I believe in True Love. I know spirits surround us.

Posted this on Facebook last night:

No matter how beautiful evil is you must not be attracted to it. Resist all that is evil and unhealthy and unkind. Let love be your guide forever.


I was one of the first punks out on the street. I was like a half-punk, since I was also raising children.

I don’t have to hold up the world with my Sagittarian (moon and mercury) enthusiasm and positive attitude. Those come naturally to me, but I don’t have to work at spreading them around.

I also don’t have to pretend (overcompensating) to be friendly, outgoing and comfortable in social situations. I never am. I have been putting on a show for others. Fake it til you make it.

I do like people and some social situations very much, and it helps me when I attend those events and go to those places with another person (or two or three…).

I feel more vulnerable when I reveal my true self because then unscrupulous or unaware people know how to get to me; they can see my weaknesses. But, the truth is, being authentic makes me stronger. Self-control is real power, not control over others.


I posted this on Facebook a few days ago:

Besides tales of true lovers finding each other here on earth, my favorite fairy tale is The Ugly Duckling. That was me: my adoptive family thought I was flawed because I wasn’t like them. Then, I found my birth-family and my real friends (which are also family). Now, I know I am a perfectly magnificent swan.

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