Aug. 17, 2013

Aug. 13

Got two great rides yesterday: first, an RV out of Billings, Montana. Then a trucker from Calgary (Alberta), Canada picked me up and drove me to Lafayette where I took a local bus (1/2 hr.) to Boulder.

Slept by creek. Rain. A ten-hour day: 8 am to after 6 pm.

Boulder: beautiful geographic area, one-upmanship attitudes, money, many rich American Buddhists, Ph.Ds galore, good restaurants. all-white (Caucasian), privilege and entitlement accepted as the norm, self-identified as liberals, life in a bubble.


my Costa Rican, Aspie friend, David, posted this yesterday:

Autism & Psychologists

Psychologists find it difficult to help autistic individuals, for a variety of reasons. Craig and I both saw psychologists throughout our teens but we were relatively high functioning and, though our autism was the primary reason we were referred to psychologists, being autistic also meant that we were already thinking harder than most teenagers about how we related to other people and why we acted the way we did. Being autistic meant that we had to be more deliberate in these matter anyway; talking to a psychologist often felt like a duplication of effort. First we´d have to bring this person up to-date on our own thoughts, and then we´d have to watch them fumble toward an answer, though we already had one of our own. Also, because we were smart, and very aware of being smart, in an irritating clever-boy-good-with-numbers-and-long-words sort of way, we were rarely convinced that their answers were any better than our own.

– Send in the idiots, by Kamran Nazeer


Aug. 14

I had the MOST wonderful visit with Megan, Sam and Archer yesterday. We met on the Pearl Street Mall. I cried when they came; I was overwhelmed emotionally. I don’t usually show those emotions… certainly not in public. But it was so totally amazing. Reunited.

Sam and I are still close at a very deep level.

I am glad to be in Boulder. At Alfalfa’s for breakfast today.  When I get up to walk around here I am super-careful.

My tent was damp, my clothes were wet, it was cold, and I didn’t sleep well last night. Oh, well. Then, this morning I was tired and it was overcast and chilly out so I just left my tent and big backpack there. It’s not really visible, but it’s not totally hidden either. I have everything that’s important with me in my little daypack: IDs, passport, etc.

I am learning these things:

Love everyone (not personally, but generally)

Trust (what, really, can I not afford to lose?)

Peace. Surrender. Respond. Receive. (Feminine values)


I posted this on Facebook today;

People with Asperger Syndrome may sometimes act arrogant about their above-average intelligence, but if you were labeled “disabled” and regarded as inferior, you also might get defensive and flaunt your special abilities.


Aug. 16

Now, when I hitchhike, I just say a silent “Namaste” (the buddha in me bows to the buddha in you). I don’t want to deal with these motherfucker’ problems.

In Boulder on the Pearl Street Mall: money, feeling good about oneself, and intimations of helping to save the world.

Reading Creole Belle, James Lee Burke’s latest novel. It’s good and it’s very rough stuff. About the really bad guys.

Got my first negative reference on from Ingrid, the idiot girl with the psycho boyfriend in Spokane. I gave her a mild, but very negative reference back. A negative reference shows a person has balls and has stood up to her abusers! (I am talking about me, of course.)

Think I have a nice Homer rental. Why am I doing this to myself? Love? Yeah.

from Creole Belle:

“Is there any worse curse than approval? Have you ever learned anything from people who accept our world as it is?… it’s a fine thing to belong to a private club based on rejection and difference. I’ll go a step further. I believer excoriation is the true measure of our merit.”

excoriate: to censure scathingly


…protect the innocent and help those who have no voice…. (from Burke’s Creole Belle)

“Is there any worse curse than approval? Have you ever learned anything from people who accept our world as it is?… it’s a fine thing to belong to a private club based on rejection and difference. I’ll go a step further. I believer excoriation is the true measure of our merit.” (Burke’s CREOLE BELLE)

excoriate: to censure scathingly


Aug. 17

Saw wonderful documentary “Monica and David” last evening here at Melissa’s in Boulder. Hyein, another Couchsurfer is also at the house (she moves into a Naropa dorm today).

The documentary is about the marriage of a Miami (Florida) couple with Down Syndrome. It’s really amazing and made me feel so good. I love Down Syndrome people for their total honesty and loving natures. (OK, I’m generalizing, but it’s pretty true, I think.)

Another thing that made me feel really good is how Down Syndrome people don’t push or force things. They don’t feel pressure to conform or do any Neuro-typical stuff. I want to learn that.

Monica’s and David’s standards are not those of mainstream USA.  They don’t try to compete with others or “prove” how great they are. They live and love and want to be in charge of their own lives. They have good, supportive families. They seem to think very well of other people in general. They are not assertive (as Monica’s mom pointed out), but I think with more societal  respect and less familial protection, Down Syndrome people like these two (“high functioning” Downs, I would call them) can make a real place for themselves within our society.


Glad to not be camping. Just tired of moving around, travelling. Tired of my backpack. Want a home.

My Traveller and Couchsurfing friends are some of the most wonderful folks I have ever met. I get along with them really well. Yesterday: Boulder CS host Laura, Lucy from France (been here a few days; been on the road 5 months), Castain (arrived here from Germany 2 days ago), and I went to Avery Brewpub. Great time.

Last night here at Melissa’s, Mel, Hyein (from Korea) and I had lots of fun, eating, drinking wine, and watching the movie “Monica and David.” I slept well for the first time in four or five days (couldn’t sleep when camping: ground too hard and I was cold).

Got my first negative CS reference the other day from nut-case Ingrid in Spokane. I guess I am such a opinionated person now (and willing to stand up for my beliefs) that I am encountering opposition and people who don’t like me. Good! I gave her a mild, but very negative reference back (not a personal attack).


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