Aug. 27, 2013

Aug. 18

A meme (/ˈmm/; meem) is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena. Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressures.


Aug. 20

At home of Couchsurfer with whom I am not real comfortable. Judgemental person. Ah, well.

Going to Denver today on the Boulder bus.

Absolutely wonderful second visit with Meg and Sam and Archer yesterday up in Ned. We met at Salto (new cafe) and then went up to Mud Lake where Sam fished for crawdads and Archer just played in the water.

Saw Jeremy later. He looks a little unwell (he was in a bad car accident over a year ago), but he has definitely grown up. I have always liked Jeremy; now, I also respect him.

I told Meg that anytime Sam wants to come visit me in Homer, I will pay his airfare. I invited them all up to the Kenai because I know they’d love it, and Jeremy and Sam will like fishing there.

Meg and I went up to Ridge Road to see Diana and Al Nelson up in Ned, and I asked them for a reference for the house-sitting I did for them in 2012 (they have the parrot Big Bird). They mailed it, and I printed it out at the Boulder Library and sent it on to Jean Mack for the Homer house I’m hoping to rent.

I must be from an old Irish tribe who were very violent and went to war a lot. This doesn’t necessarily make for good family and marriage relations. In me it makes for jealousy.


Aug. 22

I hitched here to Pagosa Springs from Denver today. Nice folks, my CS host Dennis and his son-in-law, Josh, got me to a good on ramp. Then I got a ride from Rich who wanted to be heard. He talked to me about the state of his life at the age of 43.  A nice guy and I will keep him in my prayers. he drove me to Bailey.

At Bailey, I got a ride from Steven, a trucker. Arrived here in Pagosa Springs (beautiful little town) about 5 pm. Having a burger with green chili peppers and a Durango (Colorado) red beer now at Kits Cafe.

My first hour of hitching usually consists of me “acting out” as they call it in psychology. I listen to my iPod, dance, sing loud, wave and smile at drivers, and just generally get all my ya-yas out. It feels good. Then, I settle down, feel the ride comin’, and then, suddenly, there it is.

Life is a miracle.


Aug. 23

I am having tea and rugellas at a cool baking company (cafe) in Pagosa Springs. I figured out how to camp in town in a little town like this. Blew in off the highway from Denver yesterday in a semi truck.

Ate at a Kip’s Grill, and they told me it would be OK to camp in the bushes out behind their place alongside the creek. I put up my tent around dusk, smoked the joint I rolled (badly) at Dennis’, and slept well. A thunder and lightning storm came during the night and in the morning. The rain didn’t affect me. Good dreams.


Aug. 24

Walked a long way yesterday, uphill in the heat, getting from downtown Pagosa Springs to the end of the town. Must have been at least two miles. Then, went off the road into some trees to drink a beer.

In the woods I also shaved off the corns on my big toes with some sand paper I had bought, took and sent pics, talked to Seth for a while, ate about a million (my usual amount) sunflower seeds (in the shell), and just enjoyed being quiet and out of the public eye.

After I was there for several hours (and preparing to sleep there), a dog and his human saw me and, instead of talking to me (“What’s happening?” or something), left and went back the way they had come.

Immediately packed up and left. Hitched five miles down the road. The driver told me about Intermittent Explosive Disorder (his son has it), and I wonder if Meg has this.

I walked a little ways, then I threw my pack under a space in a fence, ducked through, and I found a nice place to sleep. Good thing I put up my tent because it rained toward dawn.

Walked a bit and then hitched this morning. Finally, after a mile or two, got a good ride and then another. In Farmington at Monica and Cecilia’s now. A girlie-girl house! Very clean and pretty. Yea!


Me: very creative; smart; Gypsy blood/spirit; working-class values.

Sam has synesthesia: he told me he can “taste colors.”


Aug. 25

Jean Mack called me today and offered me the rental in Homer, Alaska. I am very happy about this.

Having a great time with Monica and Cecilia.


Aug. 26

Hitched from Farmington to Gallup, New Mexico through the beautiful Navajo Nation. Rides from Elsie and Gilbert and their 2 little kids; James (on his car radio: Navajo music and Navajo language); Andy (out of work Navajo art teacher); and Stanley (he lives way up in the mountains “running cattle and sheep” on their ranch).

In Gallup now. Surrounded by Navajo (whom I love), Mexicans, Arabs (Stan said they call Hwy. 66 in Gallup “The Gaza Strip” because of all the Arabs [Palestinians, etc.] who now own the Navajo art stores there”, and of course Caucasians like moi.

Stanley said that 60,000 wild horses live on the Rez. He also told me that “about two thousand years ago” a bunch of Dine had an argument with the main body of the tribe, and they moved up to Alaska and the Yukon.


Aug. 27

I am staying at some kids’ house, and it’s chaotic and dirty, like many 20-somethings’ homes. If I were really righteous, I’d clean the house for them and not just complain (to myself) about it.

I think I’ve been a surfer long enough; time to become a Couchsurfing host or just give it up. I have the rentals in New Orleans and Homer coming up, so I’ll be off the road for almost a year. That’s good.

The next year’s challenge will be keeping happy while not travelling. I can do it!


After fixing myself, healing myself, and finding out why I am here in this body, on the earth, my goal is to find and be with my One Love, my eternal soulmate.

There is no “work” involved in this process. The spirits help us. They help me all the time, and eventually I will find him. Perhaps I have found him.

Then, we just let each other be ourselves, as individuals. That’s it.


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