Aug. 30, 2013

Aug. 28

I hitched a ride from Gallup to Albuquerque this  morning from a Navajo woman named Vergie. She talked about her life and her family, and I mostly listened.

I posted this about her on Facebook:

Good advice/info from, Vergie, a Navajo woman (40s, 7 kids, recent divorce, back to nursing school) who gave me the last ride of this trip: no worries. pay attention to ME and my agenda. no drama. stay free (let no one tie you down or control you). use and meaning of the parts of a cradle board. don’t get mad or fight or seek retaliation when you are wronged; just get away from the offender(s). use the services of the police when necessary (that’s what they are here for).

In a “comment” below the above post, I wrote:

Vergie, my new Navajo friend and driver, also told me that the eagle (and the hawk) is honored and venerated by the Navajo because eagles can see, from way up high, what goes on below them. Eagles are known as protectors in Western astrology; they are one of the phases of the sign of Scorpio: scorpion, eagle, and dove.

Vergie has asked her grandfather to do a Blessing on her new home. She believes in the Traditional Navajo ways and still participates fully in modern life. And she follows much of her grandmother’s advice.

~~Vergie’s “friend” (old boyfriend with whom she is now reunited) has several aunties who are very protective and one gives Vergie a hard time. This auntie seems to watch everything Vergie does and then she reports it (via texting) to her nephew. Vergie said, “Do I have a microchip somewhere in my body? I’m going to have to take a good shit to get rid of it.” Ha ha.


I just posted this, a real statement of SELF:

I am an artist, and the way I have been living since 1974–moving around (often with my kids), travelling within the US and outside the country, and hitchhiking–is my art form: American Traveller-Gypsy. Other artists (incl. actors, musicians, etc.) understand this and congratulate me for my accomplishments. People who don’t respect me for what I have done can go to hell; I don’t care what they think.

~~I created that persona of American Traveller-Gypsy based on Judith Okely’s book, The Traveller-Gypsies, based on the English Gypsies. That was an artistic act, a very creative enterprise. I didn’t realize that I did this until very recently. I was just living an interesting life-of-my-own-making.


Almost impossible to get a beer in Gallup. The Navajo street population of drunks is so great that there are armed guards outside liquor stores. They won’t let you in if you walk up to the store; you have to come in a car to buy alcohol.

Vergie and Andy and Stanley and many other Navajo still speak the language and follow Navajo Traditions.


We are all a little broken. Life is partly about fixing the parts of ourselves that are broken. We hurt each other because we are broken. Wish others success in their healing.

What’s broken in me: feeling unloved, unwanted, neglected, invisible, numb, powerless….

I have gotten a lot of confidence from hitchhiking and creating a lifestyle that is an art form. I no longer care about the opinions of people who don’t understand or respect me and what I have accomplished.

Flow with–don’t fight against–the current.

I want to let go of my desires. Then, I will leave the cocoon made up of my needs and desires. I will become a butterfly.

Eternal Soulmates: “We are one, but we’re not the same. We have to carry each other.” (~~from the song ONE)

At night in my dreams, I go to the arms of my Beloved. That is home. At night he is a wild cat, prowling. In the daytime, I am an eagle (or hawk), diving.


Aug. 29

At Nate’s in Santa Fe (pop. 70,000, expands by 30,000 or 40,000 in summer). Very nice host. Lovin’ it. So tired from long trip, and Nate’s house is out in the country. Rough and beautiful. And he’s just wonderful: very creative, a theater person, sings and plays guitar, writes plays and songs… Lots of love and fun.

More Vergie wisdom: be quiet when someone is being crazy (in a bad way) or mean. Don’t get mad, just walk away. Leave.

Vergie’s teeth are very bad, by the way; many are missing. She revealed to me that her husband raped her several times (she used the word “rape”) and two of her seven kids were products of his rapes. He is now her ex-husband, and she said she tells him, “Thank you for the children.” She never goes back and gets mad at him about the past. At the same time, Vergie knows that he was not a good husband. He cheated on her (she didn’t get mad, but she remembered…) and he didn’t work (she did).

Wound up at Cowgirl, a very trendy Santa Fe restaurant, for dinner while waiting for Nate yesterday. It’s a definite “Scene,” a place to see-and-be-seen.  Probably no place like it in ALL of Alaska. That’s fine with me.

The Cowgirl logo has a sexy, outdoorsy, Tomboy girl on it. Cool. The place was buzzing, just super-=stimulating. They let dogs in.

Two nights ago, I woke half-way from a dream, and a man in a (brown?) suit was walking away from a group. My dreaming-self (soul-Self?) said clearly, “That’s him.” WHO? My Soulmate? I couldn’t see his face.


AUg. 30

Yesterday I had good talks with three people here in Santa Fe: Doro who was drawing the vegetables in a local market. She advised me to get colored pencils that you wet with a sponge. They are paint or charcoal pencils.

Then, with Raphael from Ecuador in a weaving store near the central Plaza (where the native people sell their crafts). He told me he was raised very poor and it doesn’t make you less (or more) happy to have more stuff and money. We were discussing Haiti.

My third contact was a native American man who approached me in the public Library here. He blessed me after we talked a little, praying over me while touching me. Very nice. He smelled like marijuana.


Yesterday on Facebook I re-posted a woman’s art work on “Clitoracy.” It’s about giving the clitoris more status and getting to know how to please a woman. I posted several things about it in addition to the post about her show. I felt good after doing this.

I got a couch for tonight in Albuquerque. Tomorrow, I go to Ian’s; he’s the head of the Albuquerque GRASP group.

Bought plane ticket (United) online today: Oct. 25 I fly to Anchorage from NOLA! And I paid my rent for Sept. in New Orleans: $325 to Travis Bird.


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